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Welcome to In Die Kontrei's Website

Business Card Marketing

We are a marketing business in Hermanus, South Africa, offering marketing services to any business and therefore providing the one searching for a service or a product the perfect solution. We are using their business cards and photos to present their services or products to you. We are providing a business marketing services which means that you who need this service or product will find it while on your way or while searching in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to leave physically to find these products or services. When you do find them, contact them telephonically or send them an email or visit their websites, where applicable, to find out what they offer.

You may recall or still see our brochure which we deliver to your doorstep. Yes, we start our marketing services with a brochure which we distributed and are still distributing from Gansbaai, South Africa, to Pringle Bay, South Africa. We took a step further and make the same information available on our website. So, the benefit is that if you don’t have your brochure with you, you can now search for the information on our website via your phone, tablet or PC. 

We have businesses marketing their services and products with us in Pringle Bay (South Africa), Kleinmond (South Africa), Hermanus (South Africa), and Gansbaai (South Africa) and are still growing. Advertise your business in Hermanus (South Africa) and have it distributed not only from Pringle Bay to Gansbaai or in South Africa,, but globally.

The business categories says it all. Just click on a link on the left and it guides you to the product or service you need. It is our goal to market all businesses in the Overstrand region to serve each and every one who may need accommodation, courier service, transport, etc. with the service or product available from our one-stop-website.

Feel free to visit our categories to enjoy the beautiful layout for your convenience. Do you have a small or medium business in Hermanus (South Africa) or in the region? Contact us to start a discussion with regards to marketing of your business. Learn more about our services here! Send us your business card or contact us to set up a meeting. 

Tourists feel free to visit the marketing section to see our accommodation available within Hermanus and the region. Hermanus is one of the most beautiful areas drawing visitors from all over the world annually. Hermanus is famous for it's Whales and draw year after year thousands of visitors to the Whale festival.

In the same manner we want to draw more visitors to Hermanus via our website by marketing the products and services available in Hermanus en Kontrei! In Hermanus and the region, we want to ensure that we do robust marketing for each of our clients so that you, the customer, can find the service or product providers fast!

Marketing your business In Die Kontrei in Hermanus, South Africa and get results!

Welcome to In Die Kontrei's Website

TEL: 060 842 0584
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Business Card Advertising

You can advertise your business with your business card:

  • in our directory – distributed once a month from Gansbaai to Gordons Bay to expose your business in a wide area manually.
  • on our face-book – In Die Kontrei - linked to the public to expose your business nationally.
  • our web-page – - to expose your business internationally.
  • We have special packages for home entrepreneurs even without a business card.
  • Feel free to contact us for assistance with an advertisement with your own format if you wish.
  • We want to give businesses a chance to advertise their business at an affordable rate in full color with a business card that contains all the correct information needed as you request.
  • We are striving to giving businesses the advertising boost they need to become more successful.
  • A new way of doing classified ads. 
  • Classified ads to boost your business with even space for those who want to advertise on the Home page!
  • In die Kontrei is operating from Hermanus.
R160.00 pm

One month free if you subscribe for one year.

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